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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Over the past twenty years, wedding photography has turned into a whole new art form. It may even mean something different for each couple. Previously, wedding photographers were the people who dared attempt to operate the mystical black box no one really understood.

Today, your friend’s camera phone are much less expensive than a professional wedding photographer. However, professional wedding photographers actually know what they’re doing, and must have much more to offer the lucky couple. In fact, professional wedding photographers are far more well-versed in using modern technology to perfectly capture a wedding. This sets wedding photography apart from most other art forms.

But with this new level of complexity comes a challenge for wedding photographers. They now need to be able to suit a couple’s needs as well as possible.

There a lot of photography buzzwords you may be familiar with. You may have heard the terms “vintage”, “artistic”, or “editorial” before. Confusingly, photographers can’t seem to agree on just what these terms mean.

Ultimately, it is up to the couple to decide on their wedding photographer. Wedding photography comes in many different styles.

Firstly, there’s photojournalism photography, otherwise known as documentary or reportage photography. This is when the photographer doesn’t direct or set up any of the shots, but just covers the wedding naturally. This encourages creativity in capturing the event in the most natural way possible.

Traditional wedding photography is where people line up for photos, directed by the photographer. This, of course, requires time and patience, as the photographer will need to set everything up for each photo.

Another example is artistic wedding photography, also known as fine art wedding photography. This is something of a different take on traditional wedding photography. At its best, this style can capture your wedding in a very romantic and artistic fashion.

There are quite a few more styles and genres of wedding photography, but you shouldn’t get bogged down in labels. If you become too concerned with the labels, they often just make the decision more difficult. You don’t really even have to choose just one.

Really, your wedding photographer can mix and match between styles for each photo. In fact, they might have to use different styles for the sake of getting the shot just right.

Some photographers excel in one style over others, even using it in their marketing strategy. Some others use a more mixed style of photography. You need to look past all the buzzwords; there are a lot of different photographers to choose from. Ultimately, it is their abilities as a photographer that really matters.

Their portfolio should show how well they can capture each and every part of the wedding. They should be experienced and professional. They need to be able to deal with every situation and shooting condition. They need to be able to dedicate time and effort to your wedding.

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Picking a Mobile Phone Service

The mobile phone market has seen some shifts over the past years and even decade. While the mobile market still continues to grow, traditional phone plans are shrinking in market share. These contract are fast being replaced with cheaper more flexible prepaid cell phones.

There are basically two types of mobile phone plans, they are postpaid and prepaid. With a prepaid plan you will need to pay for your minutes, data and text upfront. A postpaid plan will require you to pay for the minutes, text and data you used at the end of each month. Most of the postpaid plans will give you a set number of minutes, texts, and data that you can use through the month, if you go over they will charge you extra on top of your normal charges. This type of plan will usually do a credit check on the user because you will be using the service and paying at the end of the month.

The mobile phone market continues to grow and it has grown each year since its inception. In fact over 80% of the population in the US uses a mobile phone. This trend is continuing to grow although the rate of growth has slowed in recent years.

Traditional postpaid plans have been the primary niche for the mobile market. In 2008 this niche market started to slow. After that the additions of postpaid customers fell by nearly 60%.

At the same time that postpaid plan additions were slowing and declining, prepaid plans were becoming more and more popular. It was seen at this time that 50% of all new cell phone users were opting to get a prepaid service. Over the next couple of years this percentage continued to grow.

Prepaid plans started out being more expensive than traditional plans but this has changed over time and now prepaid plans are significantly cheaper than postpaid plans. Prepaid plans are now offering unlimited service that are significantly cheaper than the same service provided by postpaid providers. During the economic struggles of a couple of years ago the prepaid market saw a huge boost as they were able to offer cheaper prices and the ability to be flexible with the payment options.

Contract mobile phone plans continue to be popular with a lot of consumers. One of the main reasons for this is because with a contract the consumer will get a cheaper and better cell phone. Carriers will often subsidize the price of new cell phones when consumers choose to sign a lengthy contract. Prepaid plans cannot subsidize these phones so the same phone with a prepaid plan will be more expensive.

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